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Market Research and Strategy
Pesquisa de Mercado Expertise in strategic marketing management is one of our strongest points. Since we work in consulting and marketing research, our clients are assured to get research data analysis with relevant insights and a new approach to market trends.

Marketing and Sales Strategic Management
SMG develops projects in Marketing and Sales Strategic Management, encouraging innovative and creative strategic solutions. We work with our clients formulating marketing strategies in order to  obtain optimal results according to their needs, establishing an active relationship between  organizational areas and improving response to their consumer's needs. 
ImageOne of SMG’s priorities is human training and development. Our team has a plural background, and our senior consultants have much experience in education and research. Our methodology also focuses on real life experiences, and we strive to build an environment where experience exchange and reflections are constantly stimulated.
Distance Service
SMG may serve your firm no matter where it is, in Brazil or abroad. Our working languages are Portuguese, English or Spanish.
  • SMG has access to communication technology that enables us to do long distance service. Face to face meetings are not mandatory for us in developing your project;
  • We provide long distance service for research projects, consulting and executive training;
  • Face to face meetings happen in specific situations, in order to reduce travel costs;
  • In case of meetings in São Paulo, our clients are free to use SMG´s office meeting rooms.

Some of our long distance clients


  • RTO, a company from Recife,  provides software for negotiation of blue chips in the Brazilian stock market. RTO developed with SMG a complete Business Plan and Marketing Research;
  • Biotech, a biotechnology firm located in the state of Amazonas has also been a client of our consulting team;
  • With Marangoni, an enterprise from São Paulo Estate inland in the metal-mechanic sector, we made a satisfaction survey with their main consumers. (visit this link )

Want to know more?


Get in touch with SMG through our website (Contca us) or call (11) 5575-9966 and talk to one of our senior consultants.